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Who We Are

inter8tiv studio is a web design , web development and online marketing firm focus on delivering low cost and affordable online presence for the SME market based here in Singapore.

Beside Web design, inter8tiv also provide post web development services which include the following :
  • Backup and website maintenance
  • Adhoc web design updates
  • EDM / newsletter creation
  • Mobile Application development
  • And many more

Web design

Web design methodology


We strive to deliver the most affordable and effective web design, to enhance your target audience experiences. Drive customer retention with web based solutions.


We have designed our entire process and products around providing everything a small businesses needs when they are starting out, therefore working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. Most importantly , we give our clients full control of their web design without a ridiculous price tag.

Our Web Design Methodology

Over many years of industry experience with our clients, we have defined a methodology or phases in the development which can be used for all projects.

These includes the following steps:


Firstly we start with meeting up with the client gather information about the company, services, website goals, etc. We use this information to help us deliver an accurate quote.



Next Layout and navigation is one of the most important parts of your site. Site architecture is established at this point to insure your visitors don't get lost on your site. We use text links, graphic menus and buttons with rollovers to accomplish this.



After which we will conduct installation and customising the website based on the requirement gathered. The client can view the site and if required make certain changes based on their feedback.



Following that we will host the website on a temporary URL and URL is informed to you. You can browse the website and send us feedback if any other changes are needed and we will start working on the changes and update the temporary URL once complete.



After successful testing the Website and upon approval by client , it is then is rolled out and set to 'live'.



Finally , we offer web site maintenance services to all clients, whether or not if we initially created your site. In time, your site may become outdated and need a fresh look, and so the process begins anew, and we will be here to help.


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