Mobile Internet continues to be on a sharp upward trajectory with a massive 69% of users connected to the Internet through a mobile device in the past 12 month.

According to an Accenture Report

What is a Responsive Website Design

With the evolution of smartphones and mobile internet websites have gone beyond the traditional boundaries of computers and laptops to explore a whole new world of mobile devices.

This necessitates making browsing a hassle free experience for users who are constantly searching for your goods and services on their mobile devices. To make this possible technology gave birth to what today is known as a Responsive Website.

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive website means that your blog or website will automatically appear properly formatted on any device: a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

In What Users Want Most from Mobile Sites Today, Google reports that 61% of mobile visitors who click through to a non–mobile-friendly website will return to Google to find a site that’s more easily readable from their device. It’s become critical for companies to have a responsive design for their sites.

Optimised Browsing

A responsive website would give your users an optimal experience while browsing through your products and services through different mobile devices without any glitches.

One website to Make, Maintain and Market

It can prove quite troublesome and expensive to maintain and market different websites for different platforms. A Responsive Website Design removes you from the trouble of doing this by working on every smartphone and tablet platform.

Tap New Audience

With more and more users connected to a mobile device your chances to increase your global clientele are bright. Tap a whole new world of audience by this novel concept of a Responsive Website Design.  Don’t build for the present, build for the future NOW! Your business is in the hands of the millions of users with mobile devices.

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