7 Proven Secrets of High-Converting Checkouts

7 Proven Secrets of High-Converting Checkouts

Your checkout is not just bleeding visitors …

It’s a burst artery.

And all those prospects you worked so hard to attract and persuade are gushing out of your site at a mind-boggling rate.

Studies show that 67.89 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned.

To put it in perspective, that’s like walking into a grocery store and seeing seven filled carts just sitting there, abandoned, near the checkout … while only three people walk out with groceries…

But we can fix it.

To start, we need to identify what’s going wrong.

Why are online shopping carts abandoned?

Price is the number one (and number two, three, four, and five) reason people abandon online shopping carts, as studies show.

In addition to high shipping fees and other price problems, users take issue with:

  1. Long checkout processes
  2. Security issues (e.g., excessive security checks, sense of poor security)
  3. Forced registration or account creation
  4. Too many fields or too much info required

Right now, your cart and checkout is a friction-filled, value-free, sandpapery tunnel.

But you’re about to learn seven secrets of boosting conversions — simply by focusing on the pages in your checkout.

These proven methods will make it so unimaginably easy for your users’ credit card details to fly off their fingertips, you’ll think you’re running a luge … not an ecommerce site.

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